"Oyuncu.com has opened on November 16, 2003 for creating Turkish resource about online multiplayer games." - Merlin'in Kazani

"Game magazine for gamers, by gamers." - Hurriyet

"Picture of the day!" - PlanetQuake

"Overall I would say cruelstroke has done a great job in transferring a scene from the film into an action packed map set that delivers a flurry of fast paced action." - LvL

"If you played Diablo II, and want to remember your memories simplistically, we would recommend a browser game that based on Diablo II." - TechnoLabs

"In this game, which is the simplest and purest version of Diablo II, you only click the monsters on the screen, and kill them before they kill you. We had nostalgic "Aha! Dropped the Shako to me! What did you get from Mephisto?" conversations in the office, and this little Diablo II version stole our hearts." - Merlin'in Kazani
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